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Stand by Women

Stand by women athletes in their fight for gender equity.

Show your support by attending a National Women’s Soccer League game. Find tickets here.

Support the next generation of women athletes

Uplift the next generation of female athletes.

Volunteer to be a coach for a local girls’ sports team, or encourage your company or community to sponsor a girls’ sports team in your area. Visit Women’s Sports Foundation for resources on how to support girls in sports.

Support women athletes in your community.

Search for teams in your neighborhood to support and celebrate here.

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Become an impact campaign partner or sponsor.

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Stand by Women

For sports clubs and organizations of all sizes, embrace and apply the UN Women Sport for Generation Equality Principles, using the handy Guidelines for Gender-Responsive Sports Organizations. Let’s make #GenerationEquality a reality in and through sports!

Support the next generation of women athletes

Equality League advances gender equality by changing discriminatory policies and practices. We train athletes to advocate for access, equality and safety in sport. Our Title IX 50 By 50 campaign with Champion Women seeks to close the huge gender gaps in college sports — including $1 billion in scholarships, opportunities, benefits and treatment. Learn and donate to the campaign here.

Help WSF keep fighting for equitable access for all girls and women across all sports, nationwide. Learn more ways to support them here.

Stand by Women

Learn more about Step Up and their programs for changemakers here.

Support the next generation of women athletes

Athlete Ally works to end the structural and systemic oppression that isolates, excludes, and endangers LGBTQI+ people in sport. Check out their Athletic Equality Index, which assesses LGBTQ inclusion policies and practices in NCAA Division-I athletic departments, to see where your college or universities ends up, and then take action by spreading the word about your school’s Athletic 

Equality Index score and about why inclusive policies and practices matter!


Support the next generation of women athletes

Women are still doing the lion’s share of housework, caregiving, and the invisible work it takes to run a household. The researchers at New America’s Better Life Lab design and share research-backed household “experiments”–step-by-step ideas for creating behavioral nudges and simple systems–for families who want to share the load more fairly. Join a growing community of beta testers, sign up for our newsletter, and browse our past experiments here.

Stand by Women

The Sideline aims to make the youth sports environment and experience as fulfilling, impactful, meaningful, and memorable as possible for student athletes, their parents, and coaches. We strongly believe in the physiological and psychological benefits children get from playing sports and we want to encourage as many kids to play for as long as they can. Learn more here.

Support the next generation of women athletes

No matter who you are, you can play a role in ensuring that New Mexico families have access to Paid Family and Medical Leave. Join the campaign and share your story – Your personal stories help empower us in creating a dialog around the issues that so many are battling in the workforce. Visit

Support the next generation of women athletes

Together Women Rise is a powerful community of women and allies dedicated to achieving global gender equality. We have hundreds of local chapters across the U.S. where members learn about and advocate for gender equality issues, give grants to organizations that empower women and girls in low-income countries, and build community to forge meaningful connections that increase our strength and collective impact. All are welcome to join our community! Visit our website at


Parity is where sports sponsorship, tech, and gender pay equity meet. Founded by former leaders on Wall Street, Parity drives revenue to women athletes by using proprietary data analytics to thoughtfully match members with impactful brands and causes. With a current roster of nearly 700 elite athletes from 40 sports and 20+ corporate partners, Parity is revolutionizing the financial model for women athletes. To learn more, visit